Relive unforgettable experiences.

Louder Entertainment is a full-service (360/VR/4k) production house and VR application company changing the game for how festivals, artists, and brands engage with fans to provide unique, lasting, and unforgettable experiences.

Our Mission

Feel the music, again and again.

By curating and capturing high quality, lasting live music experiences, we elevate live music moments to timeless treasures and empower artists to forge deeper connections with their fans. Together, let’s relight that concert spark, letting fans journey back to the magic, feeling every note as if they were right there, all over again.

4K Video

Our team has 10+ years experience managing livestreams, filming multi-cam shoots, festivals, recap videos, music videos, and social media content

360 Video

Experience music in a dimension beyond the ordinary. Our 360-degree music video production services invite fans to not just listen, but to fully immerse themselves within the sonic landscape of their favorite artists.

Virtual Reality

Relive the magic, one note at a time. Our specialized VR video production services are designed to resurrect those unforgettable live music moments, enveloping fans in a soundscape that's as real as being front row at their favorite concert -- or even on stage with the band.

Activation Services & Technology

Increase brand awareness and close the loop with performance reporting on your artist promotion or sponsorship investments. From engagement contests to digital campaign support, our activation capabilities, make the most out of your marketing spend by optimizing for return.

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